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Hello, my name is Michael Benson, and I am the zookeeper of the Mystery Master website. My site is devoted to logic grid puzzles, also known as logic puzzles or logic problems. I currently have over 100 puzzles, with more than 70 solved by my Mystery Master application. I hope with the support of logic puzzle enthusiasts, AI pioneers, and sympathetic artificial beings, my application will solve all of the puzzles.

One artificial being on my side, though not very sympathetic, is my "spokesman" Alan. Alan, my Artificial Linguistics Nanobot, is the voice behind the many videos about logic puzzles that you can find on my HQ page. But I don't need Alan to tell you the reason behind my website: "My goal is to create a program that can solve any logic grid puzzle."


Not every puzzle on my website has a corresponding JavaScript file (aka puzzle module). But if the puzzle does have one, the Solver components appear below the text of the logic puzzle. These components are the Control Board, or simply Board, and a tabbed interface I call Tabby (I like cats). They display everything you need to solve a logic puzzle. Alan boasts he can solve any logic puzzle, but I think he is all audio and no visual.

I hope you enjoy the Mystery Master website. Before I go, I want to leave you with a question for your brain to ponder:

Can you write a program that (1) converts the text of a logic puzzle to data, and (2) uses that data to solve the logic puzzle?

Michael Benson