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This help article explains how to build the JavaScript library files needed by the Mystery Master website to create and solve logic puzzles. Each library file consists of one or more JavaScript files that have been "compiled" by Google's Closure Compiler. Please visit their website to learn more about the Closure Compiler. Below are the library files.

I need to recreate a library file when its JavaScript files have been modified. To create the library files, I run the batch file compile.bat which is similar to the one given below.

java -jar compiler.jar --js_output_file solver-lib.js --js Helper.js Verb.js NounType.js Noun.js Link.js Fact.js Rule.js SmartLink.js SmartRule.js Puzzle.js Mark.js Solver.js

java -jar compiler.jar --js_output_file viewer-lib.js --js Locker.js UIX.js Puzzler.js BoardViewer.js TabbyViewer.js SetupViewer.js Stats.js Viewer.js

java -jar compiler.jar --js_output_file worker-lib.js --js Finder.js Lawyer.js

Note: All JavaScript files except Finder.js and Lawyer.js are available in the puzzles/js/inc folder of the sitemap.