Mystery Master

PHP Development

Michael Benson


This help article discusses the development of the Mystery Master application in the PHP programming language. Though PHP is used for virtually every page in the Mystery Master website, the focus will be on the puzzle pages. A puzzle page is a PHP page that displays the text of a puzzle, and includes the following PHP files.


The head.php file performs the following steps.

  1. Sets the title of the page.
  2. Defines common meta tags.
  3. Includes common CSS (Cascading Stylesheet) files.
  4. Loads the core JavaScript files.
  5. Defines globals in JavaScript.
  6. Defines the window.onload method.
  7. Loads the JavaScript file for the puzzle.


The header.php file displays a standard header for the page. Of interest is that it displays stars according to its rank, along with an image unique for that puzzle.


The solver.php file displays the Board form and the Tabbed interface. All of the work to populate both are done in JavaScript.


The footer.php file displays a standard footer for the page. If they exist, it will display links to the puzzle's analysis and chart pages.