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Hello, I am an Artificial Linguistics Nanobot... but you can call me Alan. My objective is to introduce you to Mystery Master.

The Mystery Master website, at, is devoted to solving logic puzzles. Besides being educational (true), humorous (hopefully), and easy to use (if your IQ is over 150), it is a place where you can challenge your mind. There are currently 30 puzzles, and all have been solved by the Mystery Master application.

With your support, Mystery Master will be able to expand and enhance its content. This includes adding more puzzles, providing more analysis and solutions, and creating educational programs involving logic puzzles.

Most importantly, this support will allow the solving component to be available online for everybody.

[Dr.] Watson

Just as computers infused with AI went from beating grandmothers to grand masters at games such as Chess and Go, the purpose of Mystery Master is very simple:

"My goal is to create a program that can solve any logic grid puzzle."

If you want to solve a logic puzzle online, Mystery Master can provide assistance... anywhere from "leave me alone" to "just give me the answer". And your preferences will be remembered.

Mystery Master can help anybody - students, teachers, even fledgling androids - learn how to solve logic puzzles.


So, here is the quarter-million dollar question: "How does a computer program solve logic puzzles?" The answer is... forthcoming. Here are some more questions about Mystery Master.

  1. Will this program lead to "Skynet" becoming "self-aware"?
  2. Will the human race become "soylent green" for our artificial overlords?
  3. Are you a "redhat collaborator" in the extinction of mankind?

Ha ha, some of you watch too much science fiction. Okay, I will tell you how a program can solve logic puzzles. It's about... IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.... time to wrap things up.


I hope I conveyed to you the importance of logic puzzles. How a better understanding of logic puzzles can lead to a life of empowerment and enrichment. How kindling that spark of inspiration within us all will lead to that next evolutionary step in mankind. Where human and positronic brains peacefully coexist.

Thank you.

Michael Benson
Mystery Master