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This metawork article explains how I build the API documentation. I am using TypeDoc to "convert TypeScript comments into HTML documentation". It is "extensible, configurable, and is available as a command-line interface (CLI) or node module". For example, to document a TypeScript module (file), add @module as the last line of the documentation block at the top of each TypeScript file. I also want to point out that two spaces at the end of a TSDoc line acts like a newline. The documentation the tool produces for my Typescript code is in the folder API.

Below are examples of how I installed and use the tool in a terminal window. Note that npx is a tool to execute a npm package binary.

I don't need to provide additional information on the command-line because I created a typedoc.json file in the same folder as my tsconfig.json file. Below is the contents of my typedoc.json file.

	"name": "Mystery Master",
	"includeVersion": "1.0.0",
	"entryPoints": ["puzzle", "solver", "viewer"],
	"out": "C:/projects/",