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Welcome to the home of Mystery Master, the ultimate logic puzzle solver! Logic puzzles, also known as logic problems or logic grid puzzles, are in magazines by Dell Magazines and Penny Press. I have over 100 logic puzzles which range from one star (easy) to five stars (genius). You can solve any logic puzzle on your own, or with a little help.

While most of my logic puzzles were created by others, my goal is to create a program that can solve any logic grid puzzle. To help achieve this goal, I ask that you become a member. Membership is free, but I hope it will lead to more involvement. Many puzzles still need their JavaScript modules. This is how the puzzle can be solved within the browser.

The HQ page offers a series of YouTube videos and articles that explain various aspects of logic puzzles. My first article "Model a Logic Puzzle in JavaScript" has been published by CodeProject. Here is my page of favorites. Click on the Fun button to show/hide the main image(s) on a page.

As of August 31, 2021, I am upgrading my JavaScript files to TypeScript. I am also making many other changes as well. So if you see anything that's not working, or you have any suggestions, please email me at Thank you.

Thank you for visiting my website! Michael Benson (September 17, 2021)

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