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This help article explains what puzzle parts are, and how they are created. For puzzles that have been solved by the Mystery Master application, there is additional information about the puzzle itself, and about solving the puzzle. If you are a member, there will be several links along the bottom of a puzzle page. Here is a brief description of each link.

These pages are in folders under the help folder: The analysis folder, the puzzle folder (before the puzzle was solved), and the solved folder (after the puzzle was solved). The pages in each folder have the same name as the puzzle.

I generate the pages in the puzzle and solved folders using PHP and JavaScript, along with a special PHP page that I will refer to as C for Consumer. Below are the steps to generate these files, where the puzzle page is referenced as P for Producer.

  1. C calls P with partType = "puzzle", where P has a puzzle module (*.js) file.
  2. In the JavaScript method TabbyViewer.setPuzzle, P posts data in a form to C.
  3. C writes each puzzle part to a file, then callbacks P with partType = "solve".
  4. P solves the puzzle, and JavaScript method TabbyViewer.saySolution posts data in a form to C.
  5. C writes each solved part to a file.
  6. C repeats step (1) with the next puzzle page P.

This page also has the ability to write SQL UPDATE statements to one of two files so that a database table can be updated. More on this at another time.