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I will explain how Mystery Master solves a logic puzzle. I first cited Wikipedia in the article "Model Logic Puzzles": "In artificial intelligence, model-based reasoning refers to an inference method used in expert systems based on a model of the physical world." Inferences are steps in reasoning, moving from premises to conclusions. The type of inference I will focus on is deduction.

Deductive reasoning, also known as deductive logic or logical deduction, is the process of reasoning from one or more statements (premises) to reach a logically certain conclusion. The premises in a logic puzzle are the facts and the rules. And the conclusion is the solution to the logic puzzle.


The marks are essential for solving a logic puzzle. You enter marks via the Grids form, which in turn updates the Marks form and the Chart form. The easiest way to enter marks are by examining the facts of the puzzle. Mystery Master examines the facts via the levels. When a mark is entered, the mark is examined to see if additional marks can be entered. These additional marks are called postmarks. Postmarks are entered by examining the rules of the puzzle (if there are any rules), and the laws. A third premise of logic puzzles are the laws. The laws examine each mark to see if additional marks can be entered. While rules are specific to a logic puzzle, the laws apply to any logic puzzle.

The following forms of the Mystery Master application are updated or referenced while the puzzle is being solved. For more information on any of these forms, please read the guide.

The Facts Form

The Facts form is updated whenever a fact is referenced. Note: A fact is ignored if it is unchecked.

The Rules Form

The Rules form is updated whenever a rule is referenced. Note: A rule is ignored if it is unchecked.

The Marks Form

The Marks form is updated when a mark is entered or removed. Note: You can only enter a mark via the Grids form.

The Chart Form

The Chart form displays the nouns that are with another noun. You can click a column header to display that column first, while the other columns stay in their original order. When all of the marks have been entered, then the chart displays the solution.

The Grids Form

The Grids form displays the marks for each combination of two nouns where noun 1 and noun 2 have different noun types. This form allows you to enter marks, and to undo your marks.

The Stats Form

The Stats form displays statistics while the puzzle is being solved. This form lets you know what levels and laws are doing the most work.

The Setup Form

The Setup form displays the various options you can set for solving a logic puzzle. This form remembers your choices from puzzle to puzzle.


Since the levels and the laws examine all of the premises of a logic puzzle, they are critical for solving a logic puzzle. To learn more about the application, please take a look at the guide.