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Astrophysics Conference

Tom and four others spoke at a recent astrophysics conference, each presenting a paper on a different topic. Can you find the order in which the five talks were given, the full name of each speaker (one was Mr. Jones), his or her topic, and the number of people who attended each presentation?

  1. The first talk of the day was on the big bang theory.
  2. Laura drew 24 listeners, more than any other speaker.
  3. No two men spoke consecutively.
  4. As many people attended the talk on pulsars as attended both the third speech and Gray's talk combined.
  5. Howe's talk was attended by twice as many people as Ed's.
  6. The last two speakers drew (not necessarily respectively) the largest and smallest numbers of attendees.
  7. The talk about black holes drew half as many listeners as the second speech.
  8. The talk on stellar evolution (which wasn't the one given by Christa Flynn) didn't draw the fewest attendees of the day.
  9. The number of people who attended Samuel's talk was as much less than the number who attended the talk on quasars as it was more than the number who attended Ives's talk.
  10. A different number of people attended each talk.