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Circus Anniversaries

Five longtime performers with the Hollister Traveling Circus (two men named Brad and Dean and three women named Cindy, Kristen, and Lisa) recently celebrated their anniversaries with the circus in the same month. Each of the five (whose last names are Enright, Gleason, Quinlan, Raasch, and Ziegler) has a different act (aerialist, clown, juggler, lion tamer, and tightrope walker) which he or she has been doing for a different number of years (9, 10, 11, 12, or 13). Can you match each performer's full name with his or her act and number of years with the circus?

  1. The clown (who isn't Enright) has been with the circus two years less than Lisa, who's been with it a year less than Raasch.
  2. The three women are the juggler, Ziegler, and the one who's been with the circus 10 years.
  3. Gleason's been with the circus longer than Quinlan.
  4. Dean's been with the circus a year longer than Enright, and a year less than the tightrope walker (who isn't Brad).
  5. Kristen (whose last name isn't Ziegler) isn't the lion tamer.