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Cranberry Scones

Mike Mapleton shares a house with four other college students - Ellard, Felix, Gordy, and Horace. Last Saturday night, Mike made up a batch of 12 cranberry scones. He tasted one himself right away, and pleased with the result, he put the other 11 in the refrigerator. Mike went off to bed looking forward to breakfasting on two or three scones the next morning. But when he woke up on Sunday morning, he found that his housemates had all risen, eaten, and left the house before he awakened - and only one cranberry scone was left in the refrigerator for Mike's breakfast. Can you find the full names of Mike's hungry housemates, and match each young man with where he was going so early Sunday morning (variously an archery tournament, the beach, church, and the driving range) and how many of ten missing scones he had consumed?

  1. Each of the four housemates ate a different number of the ten scones, and each had at least one.
  2. Mr. Lopez and the one headed for the archery tournament ate five scones between them.
  3. Mr. Ingham didn't eat as many scones as did the young man heading for the beach.
  4. Gordy ate two more scones than Mr. Kavalec did.
  5. Horace ate twice as many scones as Mr. Johnston did.
  6. Gordy isn't Mr. Lopez.
  7. Felix was headed for the driving range.