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Cuddle Toys

The Cuddles family has five children, ages two, three, four, five, and six. Each child has a favorite toy that he or she likes to sleep with every night. Three of the toys are stuffed animals (Chocolate Moose, Melanie Mouse, and Polly Platypus) and two are dolls (King Cuddles and Orphan Annie). Can you tell the age of each child (one child's name is Christine), and his or her favorite toy?

  1. Adele's toy is Orphan Annie.
  2. The four-year-old and six-year-old both own dolls.
  3. The child who owns Melanie Mouse (who isn't Marcie) is older than Zeke.
  4. The child who owns Polly Platypus isn't two years old.
  5. The who owns King Cuddles is one year younger than Marcie.
  6. Benjie and Zeke are at least two years apart in age.