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Dandy Salespeople

Jim Dandy owns twelve used car lots in southern California, each one in a different city (Bell, Canoga Park, Compton, Downey, Gardena, Hollywood, Inglewood, La Puente, Lomita, Maywood, Torrance, and Whittier). To encourage his salespeople, Dandy awarded a car each month last year, from January through December, to his best salesperson that month. The twelve cars were of different makes and models (Accord, Aerostar, Caprice, Civic, Corsica, Grand Prix, Lumina, Previa, Sentra, Silhouette, Skylark, and Taurus) and each one went to a different salesperson. Can you match each month's winner (first names are Beverly, Bruce, Carmen, Gary, Janice, Marcia, Millie, Paulette, Sam, Steven, Stuart, and Willa; last names are Carter, Chase, Foote, Harper, Jackson, Norris, Prince, Sanders, Straw, Swan, Vance, and Vasquez) with his or her age, car, and the lot where he or she works?

  1. No two winners are the same age.
  2. The Taurus was won by a man.
  3. Carmen Vasquez is twice as old as the woman from the Lomita lot, who won the month before Paulette did.
  4. The man who won the Caprise is half as old as the woman from Maywood, who is in turn two years older than the woman from La Puente.
  5. The February winner, who works in the Downey lot, is twice as old as Prince and three times as old as Stuart (who won the Accord).
  6. Janice won later in the year than did the man from the Torrance lot (who isn't 20 years old); he in turn won later in the year than someone else.
  7. The Hollywood winner is older than the Whittier winner.
  8. The 50-year-old won the Previa.
  9. The last names of the March and April winners, the cities where the September and October winners work, the names of the cars won by the January, February, and July winners, and the first name of the May winner all begin with the same letter.
  10. The first names of Chase and Norris start with the same letter.
  11. Carter didn't win the Lumina.
  12. The winner of the Skylark (which was awarded before the Sentra was) is twice as old as the man who won in November.
  13. Marcia won her car six months before someone won the Aerostar.
  14. The Maywood woman didn't win the Skylark.
  15. Mr. Jackson is ten years younger than Paulette, who is half as old as Ms. Harper.
  16. Sanders (who is twice as old as Straw) won a car one month after Steven did and one month before the Compton winner did.
  17. These five people won cars in five consecutive months, from earliest to last: Mr. Foote, the Civic winner, Willa, the Inglewood salesperson (who isn't Beverly), and the 46-year-old.
  18. These four people won cars in four consecutive months, from earliest to last: the Silhouette winner, Ms. Vance, the woman from Bell, and the 26-year-old.
  19. Willa doesn't work in La Puente.
  20. Millie (who isn't Chase) is half as old as the woman who works in Gardena.
  21. Each of the two men who won the Aerostar and the Grand Prix has a first and last name that start with the same letter.
  22. Bruce is half as old as Ms. Swan.