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Eating Out

The Franklin family - husband, wife, and three children - loves to eat out. On five consecutive Thursdays in the same month, they dined at five different restaurants, each selected by a different family member and specializing in that person's favorite food. Can you determine the dates of their dinners out, each family member's name, favorite type of food, and the restaurant each picked?

  1. Mr. Franklin chose the restaurant that features steak three weeks before Lily made her choice.
  2. The five family members are: Patrick; the one who chose Monty's Meal-o-rama; the female family member who loves seafood; the older daughter; and the male family member who loves pizza.
  3. Christine chose the restaurant two weeks before her youngest daughter did and the week after her husband did.
  4. The female family member who chose the restaurant on the 10th and Lola both chose restaurants owned by women.
  5. The chicken restaurant was chosen sometime before the cheeseburger restaurant; neither is Ed's Eatery or Carlotta's Cafe.
  6. One of Frederick's sisters chose Helen's Hangout two weeks before Frederick picked Johnny's Joint.