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The First of Biff

For years, the most sacred day on Biff's calendar was April Fools' Day. As a teenager, he would spend the entire month of March at the local novelty shop preparing for the big day. Then he began to notice that his friends and family were going to great lengths to avoid him during those 24 hours. So he promised everyone that he wouldn't play any more pranks on the first of April - a promise he's impeccably kept. What he didn't mention was that he'd given himself permission to celebrate eleven new holidays on the first of each month, from January Fools' Day to December Fools' Day. Last year he played pranks on five of those holidays - each prank on the first of a different month, and none of them, true to his word, on April first. Each of the five pranks was aimed at a different unsuspecting target (including Albert and Ellen) from Biff's rapidly diminishing circle of acquaintances. Can you match each poor soul's full name (one last name is Zweig) with his or her relationship to Biff, the prank Biff pulled, and the day the prank took place?

  1. The first of the five pranks was played on a man.
  2. Biff's cousin was one of his targets, but wasn't the one who was struck on October Fool's Day.
  3. Rita was the one who had her blouse squirted with disappearing ink from a fountain pen.
  4. Norman was the one who sat on a cleverly concealed whoopee cushion.
  5. Biff played his prank on tennis coach Viveros exactly three months before he treated someone to a bath from a squirting flower.
  6. Biff's math tutor met her mischief exactly three months before one of the men.
  7. Biff got his girlfriend to wash her hands with soap that bleeds exactly 31 days after the prank he pulled on Harry Lombardi.
  8. He played his prank on his dentist sometime before he played one on York.
  9. Krebs was the one who received a joy buzzer handshake.