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The Floppies

One of the most popular features of the children's TV show Pumpernickel Place is the antics of the Floppies, especially the monstrous Monsieur Mixedupicius. Each of the five fluffy Floppies is best known for one particular characteristic (one loves bananas, one is Bertha's "bestest friend", one lives in a closet, and two are known as the "gorilla next door" and the "karate-kicking krazy"). Each Floppie also has a different distinctive color, either black, blue, green, orange, or red. The men and women who portray the Floppies are Frank, Georgia, Jim, Melanie, and Tony; their last names are Beard, da Vinci, Dix, Gresham, and Lopes. Can you find the unique characteristic and color of each Floppie, and determine the full name of the performer who plays him, her, or it?

  1. The five Floppies are Felix the Grump, the "banana-lovin' beast", the one with blue fur, and those given life by Jim and Ms. Dix.
  2. Neither the "karate-kicking krazy" nor the character who lives in a closet is the black Floppie.
  3. Lopes (who is not Georgia) is not the one who plays Tiny Turtle.
  4. Melanie (who does not don the red costume) is not the one who portrays Felix the Grump.
  5. Tony does not play the Floppie named Bertha.
  6. Bertha's "bestest friend" - who of course is not Bertha herself - is orange and is played by a woman.
  7. Neither Frank's nor Tony's character lives in a closet.
  8. Mr. da Vinci's black Floppie is not the popular Ernestine.
  9. Green-hued Tiny Turtle (who is not Melanie's character) exhibits no particular hankering for bananas.
  10. The "gorilla next door" (who is not Felix the Grump) is not played by Tony.
  11. The Floppie who practices karate (who is not red) is not played by Lopes.
  12. Beard's character does not live in a closet.