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Gathering Strays

Every member of the Hotchkiss family (Florence, Josh, Milo, Rodney, and Shannon) thoroughly enjoys holidays, and hates for anyone they know to be alone instead of celebrating. Last year, each invited a guest (Davy, Lawrence, Lisa, Natalie, and Nina) for a different holiday (including an Independence Day picnic). Can you figure out which family member invited each guest, the relationship of the person invited, and the holiday that was being celebrated?

  1. Josh didn't invite Lisa.
  2. The roommate (who joined the family for Christmas) is neither Natalie nor the person invited by Rodney.
  3. The friend (who isn't Lawrence) wasn't invited by Rodney.
  4. Florence invited one of her single co-workers to join a celebration.
  5. Davy (who wasn't invited by Florence) joined the Hotchkiss family for a New Year's Eve countdown.
  6. Nina (who wasn't invited for Easter) is the teacher of one of the Hotchkiss children.
  7. The person who is the secretary of a family member wasn't invited to spend Thanksgiving.
  8. The holiday to which Milo invited Lawrence wasn't Christmas or Easter.