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Gifts Of The Heart

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Gifts Of The Heart

The five Green children celebrated the holiday season by giving of themselves. Each chose a different disposable item to recycle in order to help the environment (one was plastic); each chose a different project to help animals during the cold months of winter; and each chose a different project for bringing the holiday spirit to others in the community (one shoveled snow from the sidewalk at the retirement home). Can you determine each child's gift to the earth, the animals, and the community?

  1. Three of the children are: Forest, who collected paper for recycling; the child who took homemade cookies to the nursing home; and the one who collected old towels and blankets for the dogs at the animal shelter.
  2. The child who hung strings of popcorn in the trees to feed the wild birds, who also collected magazines for the hospital patients, was not Holly (the child who gathered recyclable green glass).
  3. Neither the child who collected towels and blankets for the dogs at the animal shelter nor the child who gathered recyclable brown glass was Olive (the child who collected canned goods for the community food basket).
  4. The child who gathered recyclable paper, who hung pine cones full of peanut butter and suet from the eaves for the wild birds, was not the child who gave unbroken toys to the community toy basket.
  5. The child who took dry cat food to the animal shelter was not the child who gathered recyclable aluminum (who was not Kelly).
  6. Moss was the child who scattered birdseed and bread crumbs by the lake for the wild ducks.
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