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Household Pets

Each of the five couples has a dog and a cat as pets. One first name is Rose, and one surname is Hatfield. From the information given below, can you identify the couples and name the pair of pets to be found in each household?

  1. Kenneth's dog is Reggie and Jasmine's cat is Sultan.
  2. When placed in alphabetical order, Ivy's name follows that of her cat, but precedes that of her husband.
  3. Scamp and Claws belong to the same couple - the husband has a first name beginning with 'D'.
  4. Marguerite Rushton is not married to Neville; neither these two nor Eamonn Barnard own Wally, who does not form part of the same household as Shandy.
  5. Dennis and Laura are a couple. They do not own the dog called Yorky, nor does the couple named Marchant, whose cat is called Fluff, but whose dog is not Cleo.
  6. Shandy belongs to the Savilles, but Sheba does not, nor is her owner Dickie.