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Lethal Women

Television's hottest new talk show, of course, is "Trendsetters Tonight," and this week the program is featuring hot new interviews with four hot new actresses who are starring in hot new movies. Given the recent trend in Hollywood, each movie is naturally about a seductive blond who is secretly a homicidal maniac. Each actress gave her "Trendsetters Tonight" interview on a different evening, from Monday to Thursday. Can you find the name of each evening's interviewee and the movie she's starring in?

  1. Bianca Belladonna, who's starring in Kiss and Kill, gave her interview sometime before Holly Hemlock gave hers.
  2. Naomi Nightshade (who isn't the one starring in The Spider and the Flies) gave her interview sometime after Tuesday.
  3. The star of The Hand That Feeds Her gave her interview sometime before Wednesday.
  4. Thursday's interviewee wasn't the one who stars in Venus With a Chainsaw.
  5. Farrah Foxglove's movie isn't The Hand That Feeds Her.