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Life Is A Picnic

Four students at Center City College were in charge of the "Life is a Picnic" picnic which was held last Sunday at Meadowbrook Field. Can you determine each woman's class (senior through freshman), full name, (one is Mrs. Morgan), hometown, (one is in Minneapolis), and area of responsibility (one was main dishes)?

  1. Mrs. Jamison (who is not the freshman) was able to line up the entertainment with no difficulty.
  2. Josephine is in a lower class than Marilyn Sounder but a higher class than Billie.
  3. The junior (who isn't Priscilla) is from Boise.
  4. The senior (who isn't the one from St. Louis) wasn't in charge of beverages.
  5. The woman who was in charge of salads isn't from Boise; she's in a lower class than Priscilla, but isn't the freshman.
  6. The sophomore is from Tallahassee.
  7. Billie (who isn't Ms. Arthur) wasn't the one in charge of beverages.