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Moving Day

Max and his wife and four other couples moved last week into a new lakeside housing development. Each moved in on a different day, Monday through Friday. Can you determine each couple's first and last name (one wife's name is Rhonda) and the name of the street each family moved to, as well as on which day of the week each couple moved? Husbands and wives share the same surnames.

  1. The five couples are Lew and his wife, Joan and her husband, the Platts, the couple who moved to Laurel Lane, and the couple whose moving day was Friday.
  2. Neither Wade and his wife (who isn't Joan) nor the couple named Summers are the ones who moved to Jasper Road.
  3. Harold and his wife (who don't live on Dogwood Street) and the Reynoldses knew each other before their recent moves.
  4. The couple who now live on Rosemont Drive moved into their new home before Joan and her husband but after Andy and his wife.
  5. The Burches (who do not include Emma) made their move before Wade and his wife but after the couple who reside on Dogwood Street.
  6. Velma and her husband moved into their new house later in the week than the couple who moved to Nutley Circle.
  7. The Oldhams don't live on Jasper road.
  8. Neither Andy and his wife nor Claire and her husband are named Platt; Claire's last name isn't Summers.