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Last Tuesday, five students majoring in literature - Judy, Lisa, Mary, Mike, and Phil - each received a notice from the university library for an overdue book (one book was by James Joyce). Can you determine each student's full name and the author of his or her overdue book?

  1. After receiving the notices, three of the students returned their books on Wednesday: Mary, Ms. Snell, and the one who had the Ernest Hemingway novel.
  2. Wicks and Jones (one of whom had the D.H. Lawrence novel) returned their books the same day.
  3. Judy (who isn't Ames) isn't the one who had the William Faulkner novel.
  4. Neither Mike (who didn't have the Faulkner novel) nor Wicks had ever been overdue at the library before.
  5. Both Barr and the young woman who had the Joseph Conrad novel returned their books on Thursday.