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Partners In Grime

Dirtbusters, a cleaning company, has five male-female teams that specialize in five different kinds of cleaning jobs. Last week every team was kept busy, each having only one day off from Monday to Friday, a different day off for each team. Can you determine the man and woman who had each day off (one man is Norman), and discover each pair's cleaning specialty?

  1. The carpet team (which doesn't include Kenny) didn't have Monday off.
  2. France's day off was the day after the tile team's
  3. Neither Georgia nor Harriet does windows.
  4. Manuel's day off, which was Wednesday, came sometime before Iris had her day off from cleaning hardwood floors.
  5. Leon's specialty is cleaning paneling.
  6. Janet and Otto, who are teammates, didn't have Monday off.
  7. Georgia had Friday off.