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Production Line

Five babies were born in the maternity ward of a hospital within a period of twenty-four hours. From the information given below, can you discover the names of the mothers and the babies, the time each baby was born, and his or her weight?

  1. Lucy made her appearance during the afternoon; she was not the lightest baby, who, though born before either of the boys, was not the first to be born.
  2. Mrs. Butcher's daughter, who was born less than three hours after Emma, was one pound lighter than the baby born at 23:35.
  3. The heaviest baby was a boy, but not the one to whom Mrs. Brewer gave birth.
  4. Mrs. Carter's baby was eight ounces heavier than Bernadette; she was born immediately before Mrs. Porter's child, who is not Stephen, and immediately after the lightest baby.

Note: Times are in military style, where hours are numbered from 01:00 (1:00 a.m.) to 24:00 (12:00 midnight)