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Rural Delivery

Vince and four other livestock farmers live on the first five farms along their letter carrier's rural delivery route. Yesterday, each received only one piece of mail. Can you figure out the order in which the mail is delivered, each farmer's full name (one last name is Samuels), the kind of livestock he raises (one has pigs), and the sort of mail he received?

  1. Mr. Davis (who isn't the chicken farmer) isn't the one who received a package.
  2. The five men are (in no particular order): Ned, Mr. Franklin, the man who raises sheep, the one who received a feed store advertisement and the one who received a bill from the farm vet.
  3. Ike's mail was delivered sometime before the beef cattle owner's mail.
  4. Rufus and Mr. Petersen are the first and second deliveries on the route, in that order.
  5. Mr. Franklin isn't the one who raises horses.
  6. Amos received a postcard from a friend.
  7. The letter carrier delivered to Mr. Walker's farm immediately before he delivered to the horse breeder, and immediately after he delivered a letter from one farmer's son in college.
  8. Mr. Petersen (who isn't Ned) isn't the one who raises sheep.
  9. Rufus (who isn't Franklin) didn't receive the feed store advertisement.