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Sally's Flower Girls

At Sally Clark's wedding, each of her four nieces, including the Smith child, was a flower girl. From this information and the clues, can you determine each girl's full name (one is Staci), the color flower each carried (no two carried the same color), and the order in which the four girls marched down the aisle?

  1. The youngest girl marched down the aisle first, followed, in order, by the second youngest, third youngest, and oldest.
  2. Mandy marched down before the Jones girl.
  3. The girl who carried pink flowers, who isn't Nicole, isn't the youngest.
  4. The Clark girl is younger than the girl who carried yellow flowers, and older than Erica.
  5. Nicole isn't the girl who carried blue flowers.
  6. The girl who carried white flowers is older than the one who carried pink.
  7. The Brown girl marched down the aisle after Nicole.
  8. The Clark girl didn't carry pink flowers.