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Small Town Motels

John and Alice are the two owners of a chain of nine small-town motels. Each motel is in a different state, and each town (including Greenfield) has a different name. Each motel is close to the town center on the principal street; the streets have different names (including Willow) in each town. Each town was founded in a different year (including 1925). One summer, John and Alice decided to make unannounced 1-week visits to each motel in order to evaluate the local management. Each of them picked a different order to visit the motels (they might have met during their travels). From the given clues, determine for each motel the street it is on, the town and state it is in, when the town was founded, and the order in which John and Alice visited that motel. (Sorry, these towns are so tiny you won't find them on any map or history book!)

  1. Alice's first stop was to London.
  2. John watched a different episode of a TV series on Maple Street, in Port, and in the motel that Alice visited fifth.
  3. John visited the motel in Hunter, Delaware fourth.
  4. Alice rented a different car for her visits to Cleanwater, the motel on Upper Street, and the town founded in 1924.
  5. The three motels on Ferry Street, the town founded in 1889, and in Greenup are, in some order, the ones in Delaware, the one John visited second, and the one Alice visited sixth.
  6. The town in Colorado was founded after 1902, when some other town was founded.
  7. The town in Kentucky was founded 24 years before the town with Pleasant Street.
  8. John ate at a different restaurant the weeks he was in Greenup, when he visited the motel that Alice visited first, and when he was in the town founded in 1860.
  9. John's fifth visit was to Summit, Missouri.
  10. The motel in Wisconsin and the one in a town founded in 1902 are on streets with different names.
  11. Alice visited the motel in Delaware three weeks after she visited the town founded in 1902.
  12. Alice's second stop was to Missouri, where she enjoyed visiting the museum displaying the founding of the town in 1870.
  13. John visited Wisconsin three weeks before he went to Pleasant Street.
  14. Alice visited Newtown before she visited the motel on First Street.
  15. The three towns with Upper Street, the one founded in 1923, and the one in Alabama are, in some order, the one John visited eighth, the one Alice visited third, and Cleanwater.
  16. John visited the motel on historic Main Street three weeks after he visited Iowa.
  17. Six of the motels are the one in Greenup, the one on Spring Street, the one in a town founded in 1924, the one in Tennessee, the one John visited fourth, and the one Alice visited fifth.
  18. John's eighth stop was to Maple Street in a town founded in 1860.
  19. The sequence number of Alice's stop in Iowa was twice the sequence number of her stop on Water Street.
  20. John visited Delaware three weeks before he visited the town founded in 1888.
  21. John's last stop was to Springdale, a town founded in 1901.
  22. Alice counted a different number of churches within walking distance of her motels in the town founded in 1888, in Tennessee, and in the state John visited sixth.
  23. John found different defects with the management of the motel on First Street, in the one in Ohio, and in the one that Alice visited fifth.