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Soapy Situations

The five married couples featured in the popular soap opera "All My Lives" are, as usual, all going through heartwrench and trauma. Can you match each husband and wife with their last name and the new turn of fate their lives have taken?

  1. Burke is the man whose first wife, thought dead, has returned.
  2. Janet (who isn't Mrs. Nolan) has just been beset by an evil twin sister she didn't know she had.
  3. Mr. Langley is married to either Freda or Harriet, and the man with amnesia is married to the other (though he's not sure which).
  4. Mr. Massey confided to his friend Eli that the new house he and his wife purchased is haunted by the ghost of the previous owner.
  5. Neither Allen nor Eli is the father whose new baby was switched with someone else's at the hospital.
  6. David's wife isn't Freda.
  7. Ingrid isn't Mrs. Nolan.
  8. Charles's last name is Kilgore.
  9. Gloria O'Neal has no children.