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The Valley High football team is in trouble. Its five star players are each flunking a subject and will be cut from the team if their grades don't improve. Their only hope is Egbert Smart, who is tutoring one player each weeknight until midterms. Can you determine each player's full name (one is surnamed Godfrey), team position, weak subject (one is failing history), and the day he is tutored?

  1. Neither Dave (who isn't tutored Monday) nor Carl is the one failing algebra.
  2. Mr. Ingles (who isn't the halfback or the linebacker) doesn't study with Egbert on Thursday nights, and isn't weak in chemistry.
  3. Mr. Jackson (who isn't the linebacker) isn't tutored on Fridays.
  4. Mr. Harris isn't flunking English.
  5. Neither Eric (who isn't the halfback) nor the Monday student has trouble with English.
  6. Three players are Mr. Harris (who isn't the linebacker), Carl, and the Monday night student.
  7. The five players are Carl, Mr. Jackson, the Wednesday night student, the end, and the one failing English.
  8. Neither Barry nor Mr. Jackson is the Thursday night student (who isn't studying Spanish).
  9. Neither Allen (who isn't the halfback) nor the quarterback is the one being tutored in English.
  10. Allen (who isn't Mr. Fuller) isn't the fullback (who isn't tutored on Wednesdays).
  11. Carl has no problem with chemistry.
  12. Neither Eric nor the one failing chemistry is tutored on Tuesday nights.