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Over one long, wet Memorial Day weekend, the Sheridan family rented a different movie each day, Friday through Monday. A different person (one was Max) rented a different kind of movie each day (one was a romance). Each person also provided a different snack for his or her movie. Can you determine the day of each family member's rental, what kind of movie it was, and what kind of snack went with it (one snack was grapes)?

  1. Monday's movie (which wasn't the comedy) wasn't chosen by Kristen.
  2. The four different movies were the one chosen by Natalie (which wasn't the horror film), Monday's film, the animated feature, and the one accompanied by a snack of frozen yogurt.
  3. Jeremy's movie was shown the day after the horror movie and the day before the family had apples as their movie snack.
  4. The Sheridans munched on popcorn as their movie snack sometime before they had the frozen yogurt.