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Yo-Yo Masters

In this year's annual Yorkshire Yo-Yo Tournament, the judge had a tough time deciding on a winner among the five finalists in the age 13-17 division. All five could perform all the required tricks well. In addition, each excelled at one trick (a different one for each finalist) and performed it with a precision and flair that the other four couldn't match. Can you determine each finalist's full name (one surname is Lyon), age (each is a different age), and specialty, and decide who won the tournament?

  1. Josh Dyogi isn't the one whose best trick is working two yo-yos at once.
  2. Nick's best trick is "Around the World."
  3. The finalist surnamed Ayotte, who can do "Walk the Dog" best, is one year older than Larry, and one year younger than the tournament winner.
  4. Mindy is 15 years old.
  5. The finalist surnamed Fyodor (whose first name isn't Karen) is 16 years old.
  6. The one whose best trick is "Halfway Round the World" is over 15.
  7. The finalist surnamed Gyorke (who isn't the youngest) doesn't excel at "Rock the Cradle"; either Larry or Mindy does.