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Lake Snowmore

Each winter break, Mr. and Mrs. Frost take their teenaged children - two sons and one daughter - up to Lake Snowmore for a week of winter sports and relaxation. On the first day of their vacation this year, each family member spent most of his or her daylight hours pursuing a different favorite winter sport (one went ice-skating). That evening the family relaxed together around the fireplace, and each indulged in an activity he or she rarely has time for at home (two played cards together, one read a book, one read a magazine, and one put together a jigsaw puzzle). Can you match each person (one is Brad) with his or her place in the family, favorite winter sport, and evening activity?

  1. Neither of the two playing cards had been ice-skating earlier.
  2. Carolyn (who didn't go cross-country skiing) and the father spent the evening, in one order or the other, putting together the jigsaw puzzle and playing cards.
  3. Neither young Mickey (who didn't go downhill skiing) nor his mother went cross-country skiing that day.
  4. Either Debbie or Brian went snowboarding, and the other read a book in the evening.
  5. The daughter didn't read a book or work on the jigsaw puzzle.
  6. Either Brian or Mickey (but not both) played cards that evening, and the other spent the day tobogganing.